All about the license data

The license data module shows information about your subscription en edition of RentMagic

The information can be useful if our support department asks for specific details about your license. Here you can also see the ammount of concurrent users you can connect to the RentMagic environment.

To open the system settings module click SettingsButton-settings/System/Licensedata

All information regarding the license will now open.


Click edition information for more information about your RentMagic edition.

This can be important to know in some cases, because sometimes restrictions apply to the different editions, especially amount of records (i.e. numbers of data) of certain tables. More information about the editions can be found on the RentMagic website. Of course you can also contact your RentMagic partner.

Extra subscription information

Through the Infodatek Portal it is possible to get more information about your subscription or license.

Click license info to be redirected to the Portal

On the Portal you need to log in under your own user account, which is active for your organization. If this is not the case you need to register first. Follow the registration procedure.
From the Portal it is possible to view all information about your subscription, such as payments, changes to your subscription, activations and so on. It is also possible to create and follow up support tickets. If you want more information on this, please contact us or your RentMagic partner.