Everything about system settings

In the system settings module it is possible to adjust the basic settings within RentMagic. The settings are categorized. It is not common to change the settings just like that, it is important to understand which settings you are changing. While using this module it is important that everyone is logged out and that you are the only one left in the system. After all, by changing a system setting it is possible that all open modules are closed at once. This does not have to lead to loss of data, but it can be experienced as disturbing. You should also ensure that all other modules are closed.

Note: the order of the settings may vary, it is best to search for a system setting with the search options of your browser.

To open the systemsettings module, click SettingsButton-settings/System/Systemsettings.

The overview of system settings will now be opened.

Change settings

You can change a setting by double-clicking the corresponding setting in the overview. You can then modify the setting. Then click save to save the change. In many cases a confirmation will have to be given, or a warning will follow that all open modules will be closed.


The system settings consist of a few sections, namely:

  • System
  • Users
  • Serialnumbers
  • Commerce
  • Intakes
  • Invoicing
  • Financial
  • Warehouse and stock
  • Integration and publication
  • E-mail