Access to your RentMagic environment

Your RentMagic environment can be accessed through the web browser and is available anywhere, anytime.

RentMagic is accessible anytime, anywhere via your web browser, and is platform independent. It is therefore possible to connect from all devices with a web browser, including mobile devices. Access to the system is secured via https, so the connection between your device and the environment is always encrypted. Once your environment is created in the cloud, you can access your environment using the link sent to you. If you no longer have the link, you can find it through the Infodatek Customer Portal.

The address of your environment normally looks like this:
and for the test or acceptance environment:

Open your RentMagic environment

To open your RentMagic environment:

  • Open your web browser, for example Google Chrome.
  • Type in the address of your environment such as https://[yourcompany], where [yourcompany] is the name of your environment. This is often the name of your organization. If you can't remember this name, please contact us.
  • Click Enter.

The environment opens and the window to log in is then displayed and you can now log in.


Note: if your environment is not created in the cloud, but on a server of your own organization then access works differently. Please contact your system administrator about this.

Log in

  • Fill in the fields on the login window. Also select the appropriate language, this is used to display the user interface. 
  • Click on Log in.

If your user information is correct, then you will enter the RentMagic desktop.


If you work with SSO (single sign-on) or 2FA (two factor authentication) you will see an extra field to enter and possibly another button to log in. This depends on the type of authentication in your environment. If you have questions about this it is best to contact your administrator.

Field Information

  • Language
    Select the language in which you want to open RentMagic. The entire user interface will be displayed in the language you select. If you want to change the language, you will have to log in again.
  • Username
    Your username (or e-mail address) to log in. If you lost it, ask your administrator.
  • Password
    The associated password for your user account.