How does this online manual work?

Help as an introduction or for daily as a reference if you can't quite figure it out.

This online manual fully covers the functionality of RentMagic and will give you more information about the possibilities within the system. Furthermore, this manual is meant as an online reference, to be consulted during daily use. The structure of this manual is almost identical to the order and content of the menu structure within RentMagic itselves. This is to keep the recognizability as high as possible.

Chapter structure

Per module the first paragraphs are used to explain the processes with possible hints and tips.

Any explanations of the fields in the modules are included at the bottom of each chapter in the field information section. Tabs, i.e., related sub-tables, are also covered in detail in individual tab sections for each module. Field information of the tabs are also described there.


To keep the texts readable, we split up some of the content and use so-called call-outs for this purpose. These have an additional color. We distinguish between the following colors:

Notes and tips. If we want to give an extra remark, for example for exceptional cases, we indicate this in the green call-out as a note.

Warnings. If cautiousness is required, for example, when entering or using a module with a lot of influence on the system, we will emphasize this with the red call-out.