General tab

General information about the rental period.

Field information


Information about the period can be selected at items as rental period.

  • Rental period name
    The name of the period (e.g. "Week") you are using throughout the system. This should be easily recognisable for all users working with RentMagic.


Duration or length of rental period.

  • Time unit within system
    The unit of the period, this is a period that is recognisable for the system. Please note that RentMagic itself only knows the units minute, hour, day, month and year. Every period that is created should consist of one of these units. The number of units is important as well.
  • Amount
    The amount of the period indicates how often the selected unit fits into the period.


Way of invoicing the rental period.

  • Invoicing with a fractured period
    Under construction.