What are price arrangements?

Items are rented out for a certain period of time. Per item it is possible to set for which period and at which price it can be rented out. This is already set at the item level, but there may be exceptions for some customers or for certain periods. Depending on the choice within your organization how you work with pricing, it is possible in this module to set this.

The price setting module goes one step further. For example, you can:

  • make individual price agreements for customers
  • Set prices for customer groups (price lists)
  • define discounts for customers
  • define discounts for customer groups
  • Define offers for a certain period of time (seasonal, for example)
  • define contract agreements for a subsequent period - these will be automatically picked up by the system

By checking all the fields within the price agreement, you can customize the definition of the price agreement. Please note that RentMagic will always calculate the most favourable price for a customer. If a price can be calculated by several price agreements you have set, RentMagic will always show the cheapest price. So RentMagic is 'customer friendly'.

To open the module price arrangements, click Items/Prices/Price arrangements

An overview of all price arrangements will now be opened.