What do image formats do?

Predefine image upload formats for items with image formats.

To make RentMagic more user friendly it is possible to add item images. It is also important to link a webshop or informative website. It is then possible for the customers to see images with an item.

During the implementation of RentMagic, it is important to store the item images in the database in the right way. In this module it is possible to indicate how the images should be saved. You can save multiple images at once within the database. The advantage of this is that "scaling" does not need to be applied while displaying the images. This will benefit the performance of the system.

So consider well in advance in which format you want to show the item images.

To open the image format module click SettingsButton-settings/System/Imageformats

The overview of all image formats will now be opened.