What is an item?

Items are part of the foundation of the system. Items are the collection of all units that can be rented or sold.

Generally, these are physical products, but they can also be services or accessories. An item is always generic and can consist of uniquely identifiable products. In RentMagic you call this a serial number.

All items created in the system can be used on a quote, reservation, order or invoice. You can also use items on quotes, reservations, orders and invoices that were not created in the system. These are the so-called free articles. This is indicated at the same time when you enter them into the system.

An item is in a certain item group. An item may consist of a number of serial numbers. The serial numbers are the unique copies. An item does not always have to consist of serial numbers. During the creation of an item, you must make this known. An item without serial numbers cannot be tracked individually.

To open the customer groups module click on Items / Basic data / Items.

The overview of the items will now open.