Tab Certificates

Certificates are used to make a match between a contact and an item. Some items may not be issued without an certificate.

Certificates are used in environments where a check needs to be made as to whether or not materials or certain items may be rented to a person (or organization).

Within the certificate it is possible to link certificates to the contact person with which it becomes possible to give a contact person the possibility to rent any items that require the certificate.

More general information:
Wat is een attest (certificaat) en wat kun je ermee?


You can add an certificate on a contact.

Click on New. Fill in all required fields as completely as possible. Click Save to save the data.


To change an existing certificate, double-click on the corresponding certificate in the overview. Make the changes and click Save to save the data.

The data is active immediately.


A certificate may also have expired and should then be removed from the contact person.

Select one or more certificates from the contact and click Delete.

The certificate will be removed immediately.



  Contact information

Which contact person the certificate belongs to.

  • Contact
    The contact person is already selected from the upper module.

Certification information

Certificate Identification.

  • Certificate name
    The certificate to be selected that is already linked to an item which you want to link to this contact person. This gives the contact person permission to rent items with this certificate.


Period of validity of the certificate for this person.

  • Start date validity period
    The start date of the period when the certificate is valid for this contact.
  • End date validity period
    The end date of the period when the certificate is valid for this contact.