Contracts tab

Contracts can be used to set periodic (price) conditions for items.

Created contracts can then be used in the business documents. This is a reference to the contract which also causes the correct conditions to be loaded onto the document, for example prices. Contract can also be used to streamline and group invoicing. The functionality is particularly used within organizations where special price agreements are set for temporary rentals. Contracts are not mandatory to work with.


You can add a contract with the client.

Click on New. Fill in all required fields as completely as possible. Click Save to save the data immediately.


To modify an existing contract, double-click on the corresponding contract in the overview. Make all changes and click Save to save the data.

 The contract information is active and usable immediately.


You can delete an existing contract which is no longer in use. Note: All business documents on which the contract is defined will no longer contain a contract (number).

Select one or more contracts and click Delete.