Dimensions tab

Dimensions are used for customers who want to record, for example, a cost center or project per item ordered.

In this overview you see all dimensions that are active for the client. Double-click on a dimension to get more information about the dimension.

More general information about dimensions can be found at: Wat zijn dimensies in RentMagic precies?

Objects of dimensions are used on the order lines during the creation of an order instance. An order or invoice can consist of multiple items with different objects of dimensions. In wholesale business, this is often used to optimally serve the customer and provide the correct information for internal chargebacks etc.

Add, modify and delete

You cannot simply add or change a dimension on a client card. You must create a separate dimension in the settings so that it can be used for other clients.

For more information, please visit:
Een extra dimensie aanmaken in RentMagic

Using dimension with a client: objects

You can use a dimension with a customer if one or more objects have been created within the dimension type. The dimension type needs to exist. This can be created in RentMagic at settings.

Within the selected dimension, click the Objects tab. Click New to create a new object for the client. 

The customer data is already populated directly from the customer card that is selected. 

Fill in the relevant fields and click Save to create the object.

The object is created immediately and is selectable during the Business process. 
For more information, please visit:
Een extra dimensie aanmaken in RentMagic




A general description of the property which can be used and recognized within the rental process.


The selected dimension for which the object is created. This will already be selected during the creation of the object.

Customer nr.

The object is created for this customer. Also this field will already be selected because from the customer card the object is created.

Upper object

To create a tree structure of objects it is possible to select a Upper Object. This is intended to provide a structure for ease of use. It is not mandatory to select a Upper object.

Is object

To be able to set up a clear structure, not all objects should really be selectable in the business process. You can use this field to indicate if it is really an object that is selectable by the user.

Other fields (dynamic)

Other fields can be designated from the dimension that was selected. The dimension can contain fields that are also shown during object creation to fill in.