What are rental periods and prices?

For rental items, it is possible to have the correction price calculation with rental periods as well.

Within the rental periods module, all prices are set for the rental items. The prices can be set per period. In this module you get an overview of all items, with the corresponding period and price. From this overview it is easy to search for a certain item. It is also possible to set the periods in the itemitself. From the itemdetail screen you can also define the prices via the period prices tab. This way of setting periods and prices is mostly used.

In some situations a different way of calculating prices is used. In that case a price calculation can be different and it is not always necessary to use this table. Ask your RentMagic partner how this works in your environment.

To open the item periods module, click Items/Prices/Rental Periods.

The overview of the rental periods will now open.