What is a customer group?

A customer group is used to designate customers within a certain type of customer. Within your organization, it is possible to create such type of grouping.

You can set it up any way you like, but it's important to think beforehand why certain groups of customers should be created. For example, if you want to apply certain prices to a group of customers, or if you want to set certain restrictions for a certain group of customers, then you can think about creating a group for this purpose.

A customer group is not an obligation to fill in on a customer card, so it is not mandatory to work with customer groups.

A customer can always be placed in only one group. This means that you have to think carefully about the structure of the customer groups for the actual setup.

Customer groups are mainly used to compile price lists. In the price list composition it is specified that a certain discount, or a fixed price for this group is issued for a certain item or item group.

Open overview customer groups

To open the overview of your customer groups within RentMagic:

  • In the main menu, navigate to Relations > General information> Customer groups.

The overview of customer groups will now open.

  • Use the filter to search for a specific customer group using a keyword.

New customer group

To create a new customer group:

The details form for creating a new customer group is displayed. This information corresponds to the General tab for an existing customer group.

  • Fill in all fields as completely as possible. See the General tab for more information about the fields.
  • Click Save in the action bar. The other tabs will also be displayed next. Go through them all to make the customer group information as accurate as possible. In each tabs you can open the manual separately.

Modify customer group

To change an existing customer group:

  • Use the filter to search for a specific customer using a keyword. 
  • Double-click the respective customer in the overview.

The General tab opens containing the form for the selected customer.

  • Select the appropriate tab where you want to make changes.
  • Adjust the fields you want to change and check the other information.
  • In the action bar, click Save to save the data.

The customer group data is now saved. Keep in mind that all customers placed in this customer group are automatically changed as well. A customer group is therefore not saved historically on the customer card.

Delete customer group

If a customer group is not used for a longer period of time, it is possible to delete it. However, all customers placed in this customer group must first be placed in another customer group. It is not possible to delete a customer group before this.

To delete a customer group:

  • Use the filter to search for a specific customer group using a keyword. 
  • Select the customer group from the overview.
  • Click Delete in the action bar.
  • Confirm the message.

The customer group is immediately removed from the system.