Tab Customer Group Items

To create an specific assortment to a customer group it is possible to use this module. You can link certain items to a customer group.

This makes it possible to make specific items available only to a selection of customers. It is also possible to keep an assortment in the rental fleet for one specific customer by setting up a separate customer group for this one customer.

Linking an item

To link an item to the customer group:

  • From the overview, click Link in the action bar.

The details form for linking an item is displayed.

  • Fill in all fields as completely as possible. The customer group field is already set from the previous overview.
  • Click on Save in the action bar.

The item is immediately linked to the customer group.

Unlinking an item

You can unlink an existing item that no longer needs to be linked to a customer group.

To unlink an item:

  • Use the filter to search for a specific item using a keyword. 
  • Select the item in the overview.
  • Click Unlink in the action bar.
  • Confirm the message.

The item is immediately unlinked (removed) from the customer group.

Field information 


The item that will be in the assortment for the customer group.

  • Item
    Select an item number to be linked to the already selected customer group.

Customer group

The customer group that will receive the item in the assortment.

  • Customer group

    The customer group already selected. This field is automatically filled in from the customer group details screen.