Exceptions tab

Moments within a period that should not be counted.

To compose an extended period, you can add exceptions in RentMagic. That means you can set certain sub-periods that do not count for the calculation of the period price. In fact, the whole period is used for stock changes as well as the reservation of an item, but the exceptions are not taken into account as a unit for determining the final price to pay. 

A common example is a work week, where the weekend days Saturday and Sunday are excluded. These two days are not included in the final price, which means, for example, that the price is calculated with only five days instead of seven.

Linking an exception

To link an exception:

  • Click Link in the action bar.
  • At Exception name, select the correct exception that you want to link to the period.
  • Click Save in the action bar.

The exception is linked to the period and is immediately active.

Unlinking an exception

To unlink an exception:

  • Use the filter to search for a specific exception with a keyword. 
  • Select the relevant exception.
  • In the action bar, click Unlink to unlink the exception from the period.

Field information


  • Period
    The rental period to link an exception to.
  • Exception name
    A name to identify the exception, which is used throughout the system.