What does a rental period do in the process?

Rental periods determine the length of time and associated conditions of an item.

In the Rental periods module, you can manage the periods that you use within the rental processes. Periods are used specifically for the rental processes, as the rental is streamlined by using rental periods. We need to know how long certain items have been rented out and can be rented out. The standard periods are defined in this module. It is unusual to make daily changes to these, as the periods are normally defined at the start.

Within these periods, the period units with which items are rented out must be defined. Periods can be, for example: one day, one week, two weeks or one month. If you use times (see system settings usage date and time), you can create periods shorten than a day. You can rent by the hour, for example.

Periods are also important for the prices of items in your system. You can define article prices per period.

Open overview of rental periods

To open the overview of all rental periods within RentMagic:

  • In the main menu, navigate to Settings > Rental > Rental periods.

The overview of the rental periods will now open.

  • Use the filter to search for a specific rental period using a keyword.

New rental period

Make sure that you do not create any duplicate periods, as this can cause problems in the rental process.


A week consists of seven days. When you create this period, with the description "week", you select "day" as the unit. A week contains exactly 7 days. Therefore the number is 7. As soon as the period "week" is known in the system, articles can be rented for a week. If a period "week" is selected for an item, a price can also be attached to it. During the rental process, the weekly price will apply if the item is rented out for a week or more. The exact price is of course determined from the item's full price range.

To create a new rental period:

The details form for creating a new rental period is displayed. This information corresponds to the General tab for an existing rental period.

  • Please fill in all fields as completely as possible. See the General tab for more information about the fields. 
  • Click Save in the action bar. The other tabs will also appear. Go through them all to make the rental information as accurate as possible. In each tab you can open the manual separately.

Changing the rental period

It is always possible to change an existing period. This is not a common action. Changing a period can affect the rental process, especially for price calculations.

To change an existing rental period:

  • Use the filter to search for a specific rental period using a keyword. 
  • Double-click the respective rental period in the overview.

The General tab opens with the form for the selected rental period.

  • Select the respective tab where you want to make changes.
  • Adjust the fields you want to change and check the other information.
  • Click Save in the action bar to save the data. The data is active immediately.

Deleting a rental period

If a certain period is no longer used, it is wise to remove that period from the system as well. It is not common to delete periods. A period cannot be deleted when certain items are linked to this period.

To delete a rental period:

  • Use the filter to search for a specific rental period using a keyword. 
  • Select the rental period in the overview.
  • Click Delete in the action bar.
  • Confirm the notification.

The rental period will be deleted from the system immediately.