What is a contact?

Use contacts when entering your trade process. The selected contact becomes responsible for the rented items.

The contact is also used to send e-mails and correspondence to. It is also possible to attach a certificate to the contact person. This certificate indicates whether or not a contact person may rent items of a certain type or group.

Contacts can be managed from the Contacts module, but it is also possible to manage contacts from the Customers module. It is common practice that a contact person belongs to a certain client. If RentMagic is used for streamlining within the own internal organisation, so without using 'real customers', a customer will still be created for the own organisation.

Within the contacts module it's easy to search through all contacts, in case you can't remember the organisation a specific contact is working for.

Openining the Contacts overview

To open the overview of your contents within RentMagic, follow these steps:

  • Use the main menu to navigate to Relations > General Information > Contacts.

The overview of your contacts will now be opened.

  • Use the filter to find a specific contact using keywords or names.

In some cases, RentMagic is being used in combination with other CRM packages, where customers and contacts are being stored. This can affect the functionality of the contacts in RentMagic, for example adding or changing contacts. Make sure to check this with the administrator.

Adding a new contact

Follow the below steps to add a new contact:

  • From the overview, select New inside the action bar.

The form with details regarding the new contact will be displayed. This information is the same as what you will see under the General  tab when an existing custtomer is selected.

  • Please fill in all fields as accurately as possible. See the General tab for more information about the fields.  
  • Click Save in the action bar. The other tabs will also appear. Go through them all to make the contact's information is as accurate as possible. In each tab you can open the manual separately.

Adjusting a contact

To make adjustments to an existing contact:

  • Use the filter to insert keywords or names and find a specific contact.
  • Double-click the desired contact in the overview.

The General tab will be opened, containing the information form of the selected contact.

  • Select the tab that contains the information you wish to adjust.
  • Adjust the information to your liking. Also ensure the other information is correct.
  • Click Save in the action bar to save your changes. Keep in mind that the changes will become effective immediately.

You can always make adjustments to contacts. Keep in mind that if you change a contact, the new information will be present on completed and current document, like orders and invoices. If you wish to replace a contact by someone else, it is advisable to create a new contact instead. All historical data from the previous contact will be lost. In case you need to find information from the past, the wrong contact would be indicated.

Deleting a contact

You may choose to delete a contact when this person is, for example, no longer under employment with a customer. We advise to keep contact details available for as long as possible. This is to keep all the trade documents that included that customer's name intact. Whenever a contact is removed, trade documents will also reflect that change and will no longer display the contact's information. Removing a contact will have no fiscal or financial impact, but you will not be able to retrieve information about which contact took responsibility for what order.

To delete a contact, follow these steps:

  • Use the filter to insert keywords or a name to find a specific contact.
  • Select the desired contact in the results page.
  • Click Delete in the action bar.
  • Confirm the notification.
The contact will be removed from the system immediately.