What is a transaction type and what can you do with it?

Transaction types provide a grouping on trade documents.

Transaction types are informative, but they can be used in processes to modify a workflow. Transaction types are not mandatory fields and can also be switched off via the system settings, if your organisation does not work with them. Transaction types can also be shown in reports.

Open currency overview

To open the overview of all currencies within RentMagic:

  • In the main menu, navigate to Settings > Financial > Currency.

The currency overview opens.

  • Use the filter to search for a specific currency using a keyword.

New transaction type

Creating a transaction type is very simple. Think carefully about the name of your transaction type, because it will be more visible in the system the longer you work with it. A transaction type is often expressed in combination with, for example, an order number.

To create a new transaction type:

The details form for creating a new transaction type is displayed.

  • Please fill in all fields as completely as possible. See Field information for more information about the fields.
  • Click Save in the action bar.

The transaction type can be used immediately.

Changing the transaction type

You can change a transaction type. The change you make does not affect any existing trade documents that have used the original transaction type. Changing a transaction type can be done when you don't use an existing transaction type anymore and you want to create a new one. Just make sure that no process changes have been applied to the transaction type.

To change an existing transaction type:

  • Use the filter to search for a specific transaction type using a keyword. 
  • Double-click the respective transaction type in the overview.

The details form is displayed.

  • Adjust the fields you want to change and check the other information.
  • Click Save in the action bar to save the data.

The data is active immediately.

Deleting a transaction type

If you do not use a transaction type for a longer period of time, it is possible to delete it. The transaction type will continue to exist on existing trade documents, as the information on the documents will continue to exist. This is the historical data.

To delete a transaction type:

  • Use the filter to search for a specific transaction type using a keyword. 
  • Select the currency in the overview.
  • Click Delete in the action bar.
  • Confirm the notification.

The transaction type is immediately removed from the system.

Field information

Transaction type

General information and identification of the transaction type.

  • Transaction type name
    The unique transaction type, key and also description that you can select on your trade documents.