What are delivery/transport methods and what can you do with them?

Transport method of any products on the orders.

Synonyms: transport methods, shipping methods

During the process, it is easy to specify how the orders should be transported. In some cases, orders may also be collected by the customer himself. That is why we speak of delivery methods. How is an order delivered?

All delivery methods that can be used in the system can be created in this module. At a later stage, a standard delivery method can be saved for each customer so that the correct delivery method is always selected during the creation of an order. In the order process, another delivery method can always be selected manually if there is a temporary deviation.

Opening the overview of delivery/transportation methods

To open the overview of all transport methods within RentMagic:

  • In the main menu, navigate to Settings > Rental > Delivery/transportation methods.

The overview of the transport methods will now open.

  • Use the filter to search for a specific transport method using a keyword.

New delivery or transport method

To create a new delivery or transport method:

The details form for creating a new delivery or transport method is displayed.

  • Please fill in all fields as completely as possible. See Field information for more information about the fields. 
  • Click Save in the action bar. The other tabs will be displayed after saving.

Changing the delivery or transport method

It is always possible to change an existing method.

To change an existing method:

  • Use the filter to search for a specific delivery or transport method using a keyword. 
  • Double-click the respective method in the overview.

The details form of the selected method is displayed.

  • Select the tab you wish to adjust.
  • Adjust the fields you want to change and check the other information.
  • Click Save in the action bar to save the data. The data is active immediately.

Removing a delivery and transport method

If a particular method is no longer used, it is advisable to remove it from the system.

To remove a delivery or transport method:

  • Use the filter to search for a specific method using a keyword. 
  • Select the method in the overview.
  • Click Delete in the action bar.
  • Confirm the notification.

The delivery or transport method is immediately removed from the system.

Field information

Delivery and transport

Identification and how the delivery or transport is to be processed.

  • Delivery method name
    This is the unique name of the delivery method or transport method, which you will later use on the customer card or in the order process.
  • Type
    The type of delivery/transport used in the order process.

Transport time

The duration of transport to take into account for invoicing or to send on time.

  • Delivery time in days
    The number of days required to deliver the order to a customer.